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Website designing and development is not easy, you need to upgrade your technology to get finest features and efficiency in your website. You may require web technologies to ensure functionality and longevity of competent performances in website maintaining. Content and layout of the website are regulated through web technologies.  Web technologies are basically the markup languages and multimedia packages that are used by computers to communicate and transmit messages. It is because coding is used in the computers for transmission of data instead of simple everyday languages. Whereas, the website is developed by using languages such as JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Here are some of the web technologies you need to know about.

The various web pages you see and surf on the internet appears when you search them on the web browser. Browsers let you search the results you are looking for. Common web browsers include Google Chrome (by Google), Firefox (by Mozilla), Safari (Apple’s web browser) and internet explorer (Microsoft). Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) is the key element that makes the markup language necessary for making a website. All the content displayed on the website appears due to HTML coding. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) sets and shows how HTML coding should be displayed. It also defines the layout of the website.

Frameworks of web development

Web developer and designer use certain frameworks to design the website well and improve its functionality well.


Angular is one of the most suggested web development frameworks. It enables you to make front-end developing applications without applying plugins. You may enjoy certain features through angular which include code generation, code splitting, templates, MYC architecture and so on. Code expressions used in angular are in the form of code snippets available in curly braces.

Ruby on rails

This web technology is also used for steady and hassle-free web development. It provides you re usability of the codes used in this technology. It also offers other features that make ruby on rails a perfect selection.


It is an open source web framework for web development and applications. It is made in PHP5. Its tools make it easier to develop and operate the applications and app testing very well.

Meteor JS

This web technology can be applied to create a website for simple personal use. It takes shorter time for a webpage to load through Meteor JS, as it is an open source isomorphic JavaScript web development framework. It also takes short coding to develop.

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